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My approach is very different from a conventional wedding photographer. I gained my real photography experience from shooting daily street scenes and people’s lives in countries in South East Asia, and therefore my perspective is very different to most wedding photographers you will come across. If you are looking for professional wedding photography that’s a little less ordinary then please browse my website and get an understanding of where I’m coming from, where my expertise lies, and decide if you are looking for a wedding photographer than blends into the background but produces wedding photography that stands out from the crowd.

On a trip to India in 2010 I discovered an entirely new passion for travel photography. I realised that as much as I enjoyed landscape photography that travel photography was where my heart was. Beyond regular travel photography I specialised in street portraiture. A genre of photography that is still very niche as you have to have a certain type of personality to convince someone you dont know to be photographed in a portrait style. Within this I am now working on various portrait photography projects abroad in countries such as India and Cambodia demonstrating real life and social change. Along with this travel photography I also have plans further down the line to offer the opportunity for under priviliged children to learn photography. My aim is to bottle everything I see and present it in a way that makes the viewer feels they’ve travelled there with me. I want them to feel like they know how the subject is feeling at that exact moment, or at least to want to know. These are not just photos of other people. These are other lives.

I am also a Getty Images photographer and have had my images used commercially across the globe. I have also had my landscape and travel photography shown in several exhibitions and recently had my first solo gallery show in London which was entitled “Other Lives”

Now I have taken this experience and am driving it into wedding photography here in Kent, London, and worldwide.

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